7 Tips on Improving Fire Safety in Your Serviced Accommodation

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by HostClean - November 1, 2017

Prior to operating as a serviced apartment, you should perform a fire inspection to ensure that It is up-to-code. There should be an adequate number of working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers available.

Fire safety should be of greater concern to those operating in apartment buildings. With an abundance of connected neighbours, the risk of fire damage won’t necessarily always fall on you. However, being prepared for whatever difficulties may befall you, does.We’ve gone ahead and listed a few fire safety tips to help you best avoid an apartment fire.


  • Never leave cooking food unattended;
  • Keep all potholders and towels away from the range;
  • Turn off all burners and appliances once the cooking is done;
  • Keep the kitchen clean, especially areas where grease and oil can build.



If possible, you should just avoid smoking inside of your apartment. According to The Department for Communities and Local Government claim, “Careless disposal of cigarettes is the single biggest killer in house fires. Habits such as smoking whilst drinking alcohol in the home or lighting up in bed are responsible for one in three (36 per cent) of all accidental house fires resulting in deaths.”

Use of Candles

  • Do not place candles near drapes, curtains, and other flammable materials or combustibles.


Electronics and Appliances

  • Replace worn cords and cables that may be frayed or cracked;
  • Use power strips if additional outlets are needed. Do not daisy chain them;
  • Use appliances only as directed; Do not overload circuits or the extension cords;
  • Never run cords underneath rugs.



  • Keep flammables away from heating sources. It’s best to maintain a three feet clearance area around them;
  • Do not store propane or gas tanks inside your apartment;
  • Always turn off your space heaters in between changeovers to avoid a fire hazard.


An Evacuation Plan

Another essential aspect of fired preparedness is to create an escape plan for anyone residing in your apartment.

  • Identify all available routes to the outside of your building;
  • You should have a minimum of two escape routes planned just in case the first is blocked off;
  • Know where the stairs are to get off the floor you’re on.


What to Do If a Fire Breaks Out

Sometimes all the preparation in the world cannot prevent a disaster. In the case of a fire you’ll want to provide the following tips in your welcome pack:

  • Before opening a door check them for heat. If cool, you can open it slowly while staying low to the ground and avoiding possible smoke inhalation;
  • If the door is warm, then you should seal off the door and the vents with damp sheets or towels. Head to a window and if there is no smoke, then you should open it and signal for help. If able to call 999, then provide your location and let them know you are trapped in the building;
  • Remember to take your apartment key with you just in case you cannot exit the building safely;
  • Close the doors behind you to stop the fire from spreading too fast;
  • Never use the elevator during a fire. Always use the stairs;
  • Once you manage to exit the building, do not go back inside.